Artwork - Villa Tolomei


What makes the difference when choosing an elegant 5 star hotel, is the selection of unique décor which allows for a warm and tasteful welcome. Villa Tolomei Hotel & Resort offers guests a seducing environment, whereby an exclusive structure with great attention to detail in its aesthetical research, is the expression of an immense passion for art in every form. The refined furniture and paintings by international artists situated within the renaissance villa, Villa Tolomei, create a harmonious and balanced fusion between a fascinating museum and a hotel enfolded in timeless luxury. The artists in the heart of the exhibition spaces of Villa Tolomei Hotel & Resort include:

Romero Britto

Romero Britto born in Recife, Brazil, on 6th October 1963 is a Brazilian Neo Pop artist, painter, serigrapher, and sculptor. His artwork combines elements of cubism, pop art and graffiti painting in his work. Having established himslef in Miami, Florida, Britto has succesfully asserted himself in the international artistic scene since 1989, when he was appointed to design a bottle label for an advertising campaign. Immediately after the Absolut campaign, Britto’s bizaare cartoon animated, style was requested by large companies to create large murales, sculptures and product logos around the world. He has recently received commissions from comppaines such as Disney and Evian. Britto has also been nominated as an Art Ambassador by State of Florida. In 2004, his sculpture Welcome, the largest alluminium scuplture in the world, was exposed in the Dadeland station of Miami. Romero’s monumental sculpture inaugurated the fourtieth anniversary Montreux Jazz Fesitval. The portrait of the legendary arts merchant and founder of Art basel, Ernst Beyeler, is now exposed in the Beyeler Foundation, the Swiss museum which also holds works of Klee, Cézanne, Picasso, Monet, Matisse and Giacometti. Briotto’s masterpieces have appeared in many worldwide pubblications. Britto does not limit himself to canvas painting, but has also designed logos, furniture and costumes. Recently he designed the costumes for the 41° SuperBowl.

Camilla Ancilotto

Camilla Ancilotto was born in Rome, city where she lives and works. Among the major solo exhibitions: Galleria Ca’ d’Oro of Rome (2003), Galleria Davico in Turin (2008), Chiostro del Bramante of Rome (2010), Ca’ d’Oro Art Gallery in Miami (2011), Freedom Tower at Miami Dade College (2012), Chamber of deputies in Rome (2012). Major group exhibitions include: “Bestiary” and “Tribute to Rembrandt” (Galleria Ca’ d’Oro, Rome, 2006), “Decompositions” e “Tribute to De Chirico” (Palazzo Torlonia, Rome, 2009), “Tribute to Verdi” (Auditorium della Conciliazione, Rome, 2013). She has also participated in the Biennale of Sculpture in Rome (2011), in the Art Basel Miami – International Art Fair (2012) and in the Venice Biennial, hosted by the Syrian Arab Republic Pavilion (2013). Since 2012, her monumental work “Original Sin” is part of the permanent collection of sculptures fron the Wolfson Campus (Miami Dade College). In 2013, she was among the artists selected for the 55. International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale with Deposition. In 2017 with her polychrome decomposable works "Ab Ovo" she is the protagonist of the Exhibition "Mutaforma" (Palazzo Collicola Arti Visive, Museo Carandente, 2017). In 2018 she is the winner of the 3rd prize with the work "Nigredo" (Sulmona Prize 2018) and, also in the same year she gets the award for "the most innovative work" with "Katharsis" at BIAS - Manifesta 12 (Palermo) and at the Van Gogh Prize - International Art Exibition (Monreale). In 2019 he landed in Los Angeles entering the Art Show exhibition circuit and participated in the sixth edition of the International Contemporary Art Competition at Palazzo Rospigliosi in Zagarolo, winning the "Toy Museum" prize. She also took part in the Sulmona "Gaetano Pallozzi" Award, at the Polo Museale Civico Diocesano di S.Chiara, winning the Organisation's special prize for his work in mirror steel "Ab Ovo" . In 2021 he took part in the first edition of the international modern and contemporary art fair "Roma Arte in Nuvola 2021" with her polychrome works "Ab Ovo". These works also took part in the exhibition "Giocare a regola d'arte" at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples and are permanently installed at the National Museum of Ravenna (Contemporary Art Room) and in the private collection of modern and contemporary art of Banca Patrimoni Sella.


Born in 1977, Mitja “Verbo” Bombardieri is a versatile artist whose interests range from painting to the electronic avant-garde. His particular abilities in all the visual arts led him to mature rapidly in the European graffiti-writing movement in which his work resulted in his being invited to work with the historic PDB crew and being asked to participate in international exhibitions. The main message of Bombardieri’s paintings is the “cerebration of style”, which is both automatically the emotional conduit for his contempory life and the shiny dream aesthetic that found its first expression in that generation which grew up under a televisual bombardment of cartoons and video games, and which finds its collocation between broadcast mass media communications and city streets. His study of his personal mode of communication has changed it over time into dynamic and plastic forms that take on the structure of armour that protects the soul of an innocent letter, just as a child does, writing in his spelling book: they are true external skeletons of biomechanical insects that fight daily to survive in the urban ecosystem, visually contaminating it. Through the actions of a writer, Verbo willingly celebrates the sense that these beings represent the ferment of a spontaneous subculture that spreads beyond the social superstructure, bringing to the surface new, fresh and unexpected aesthetic forms, just as bees bring pollen to flowers. In addition to using the painting techniques that are typical of graffiti culture, Verbo has introduced new visual rules thanks to his use of the computer, projectors and FLxER, a computer program that he has co-developed. He takes the electronic instruments out of the spaces in which he usually exhibits as a visual artist and on to the street where his “Video Raids” find a more congenial “back to the street” public where everything is spoken about without distinction and, turning on the luminous signals in the dark of the night, a location is transformed into an essential part of the visual performance We can therefore speak about the spreading of the Word, a non-random play on words and letters. This is the starting point for a “mass literacy project”, choosing to work with the art market and presenting a particular study of his calligraphy that certainly celebrates his style while at the same time marking the relationship between the writer and his social context, a fundamental symbiosis for the essence of this form of expression. It follows that the choice of working on printing plates, symbols of mass communications, represents not only crossing and committing to the urban context in order to be seen, but also to crossing the publicity appearance that is in perfect tune with the act of writing itself: the act and the context, or the style that celebrates the contemporary.

Rosa Canfora

Rosa Canfora has achieved the Maturity of Applied Arts with a Goldsmith specialization (five year Title) and is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence with a specialization in sculpture. She has dedicated her activity between the profession of a designer pattern maker and that of an artist, creating bronze sculptures, etchings and xylography prints and etchings, woodcuts painting and portraiture. The work of art "Mater Maiora" exposed in Tolomei Villa Hotel & Resort is an ensemble of five large pannels of 170cm x 130cm in linden wood, carved and painted. They indicate a journey and tell a story: the three central nudes represent the many feminine identities: Thinking, Eros, and Power. Of the two lateral panels, the first on the left is the Almond, which is the threshold from which we all originated and to conclude the ensemble, evoking the archaic symbol the rhythms of life, death, rebirth, renewed and perpetuated by the feminine.

Sandro Chia

A native of Florence, he was a key member of the Italian Transavanguardia movement, along with fellow countrymen Francesco Clemente, Mimmo Paladino, Nicola De Maria, and Enzo Cucchi. The movement was at its peak during the 1980s and was part of a wider movement of Neo-Expressionist painters around the world. After graduating from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence in 1969, Chia travelled around Europe and to India. He began exhibiting his work in 1971, a year after moving to Rome, later referring to his early productions as ‘mythical conceptual art’. In the late 1970s he returned to painting and quickly established himself as a major artist of the movement in Italian figurative painting known as the Transavanguardia. Currently he lives and works between New York and Montalcino in Siena. He has exposed at the Biennale of Paris, the Biennale of San Paolo and in different occasione at the Biennale of Venice.

Angelica Romeo

Angelica Romeo was born in Rome in 1970 and spent the years of growth between Perugia, Monza and the capital. Since she was a child breathe the scent of linseed oil, next to mother and grandmother both painters. Over the years cultivated her attraction to the art school and at the age often play hooky to attend a note renovation workshop via Margutta in Rome. She enrolled after the restoration School of Colalucci and graduated. During his formative years the several journeys and its vicissitudes family is pushing her to desire not only a quick independence, but also a personal realization keeping faith with his creative nature. Boost from this early ambition, just 21 years takes a opportunity and enters the world of work as an entrepreneur in the field of furniture, which devotes herself successfully for almost 10 years. Will return to her first love "painting" only after a hiatus forced by the arrival of the first child. These were years of great personal changes, growth, satisfaction but also of painful experiences. And maybe she recived the decisive impulse of wanting to "Abstracting" from everyday life throwing herself heart and soul into the painting. the debut with her first solo exhibition in 2009 in Rome at Galleria Romberg with an exhibition titled "Doings, twitching, Revelations" curated by Gianluca Marziani, it presents a work that evokes seemingly informal post but who plays with respect and rigour the color of past masters.Participates in 2010 to some collective exhibitions in Rome, such as, "Stop the abuse on women" at the Museo delle Mura, and "art without frontiers" for doctors without borders in Palazzo Colonna. In 2011 his second solo exhibition entitled ' De Aqua "staged in space Acquaniene Club of Rome; in 2012 she took part in the fourth edition of Fabula in art "exhibition for children of Mozambique held in San Salvatore in Lauro. In 2014 is present with its works from the collection "VINYLE " in suites at the Art First Hotel "for Art Carpet edited by galleria Mucciaccia. In the same year between 2014/2105 participates in the collective "Baculus" at the museo Palazzo Collicola Spoleto. In 2015 is one of the leaders of the prestigious event "Smart" Made In Italy "wanted by the Italian Embassy in Munich to promote the excellence of Made in Italy in the spectacular setting of Monaco yacting club. In october 2015 in a double solo exibition she is at TENNIS CLUB PARIOLI in rome for the series "ART IN CIRCLE" curated by Galleria Mucciaccia , Gianluca Marziani and Giulia Abate.

Lara Androvandi

Lara Androvandi was born in Piombino (LI) in 1973. After she got graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, she improved her artistic skills thanks to a scholarship in “Art expert for artistic metals” at the T.A.M. centre in Pietrarubbia (Italy) directed by the famous italian artist Arnaldo Pomodoro. Then she collaborated with the “Studio Vegni Design” in Pisa where she had the possibility to improve her skills in design and graphic branches. Lara designed and realized many jewels collections also shown in international exhibitions, both in Italy and in foreign countries; she has also exhibited her artworks with some of the most famous Italian contemporary artists. After she won an International Murales Competition, she was chosen to restore the interiors of the SS. Fabiano and Sebastiano Church in Fiamignano (RI). Lara Androvandi has also been teaching History of Art in Secondary schools or Art Techniques in some private schools for years. She has also written and published several books and e.books concerning art&craft. In 2014 she started to study the traditional Art of Ebru, first learning the characteristics of this traditional Turkish art of the XVII century, then to give her artworks a personal touch to join tradition and modernity, Western and Eastern traditions. In May 2015 she got the “Cittadinanza Onoraria” and the “Keys of the city” for artistic merits from the Mayor of Suvereto (LI- Italy) Mr Giuliano Parodi. Thanks to this wide knowledge, Lara Androvandi’s art moves from drawing to painting, from picture to mosaic, from sculpture to craft.